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  • Connecting to the Pedal Board

    I need to be able to plug and unplug the Arduino borad from the Pedal board while I am testing and adding features. For this purpose I’m using a 20 way plug and socket to go with the ribbon cable already installed in the pedal board. I’ve soldered the socket to a piece of strip board then […]

  • MIDI with octave control

    I’ve added a couple of extra controls to the MIDI board. There are two buttons, to the bottom of the board, which control the octave. One for up, one for down. I’ve set the range of the board to four octaves with four LEDs to display the currently chosen octave. There is also a potentiometer […]

  • Latest Circuit Layout

    I’ve re-layed the circuit for the midi-pedal project onto this useful board from Ooomlout which handily holds an Arduino board and a breadboard. The circuit is basically the same but tidied up and with the addition of a volume pot. I’m just debugging the code at the moment and will post that when its done. The flying […]