Month: February 2012

  • First Draft of Code

    First draft of the code to convert keyboard input to midi. There is a bug somewhere, the midi sounds continuously with new notes added but not switched off.

  • Cabling up the Keys

    A small step today. I’ve removed the old bundle of cable and replaced it with a ribbon cable. Its a twenty strand flat ribbon, I’ve used thirteen strands for the keys and one for ground leaving six wires unused. I’ve left them as part of the cable on the grounds that they might come in […]

  • Electronics – First Steps

    The pedal board is ready with all the parts cleaned and screws tightened. I have a bundle of thirteen wires, one for each pedal. I’m planning to convert the input from these wires into a midi output. I’m using the Arduino Uno board to convert between the two. Rather than clogging up all the arduino inputs with […]

  • Bass Pedal to midi-fy

    By the power of eBay, I have acquired this 13 key bass pedal, just what I needed for a bit of midi hacking. As it comes, this pedal is simply a set of thirteen switches. My plan is to  add a midi output to the back of the box. Inside, each key is switched so that […]