Electronics – First Steps

The pedal board is ready with all the parts cleaned and screws tightened. I have a bundle of thirteen wires, one for each pedal. I’m planning to convert the input from these wires into a midi output. I’m using the Arduino Uno board to convert between the two. Rather than clogging up all the arduino inputs with wires I’m using a pair of PCF8574A port expander chips to encode the keyboard inputs.

The white wires in the above diagram are all inputs, sixteen of them, three spare. the diagram above was prepared using Fritzing, a fabulous open source tool for circuit design.

Here’s the result  set up on a breadboard.

I’ll be testing this out with a few jump leads before wiring in the keyboard wires. Code next. Meanwhile, I’m thinking of replacing the bundle of cable with ribbon cable which would be easier to connect to the completed circuit board.

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